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Hiring the right people is the most important thing you can do to build a top performing organization. PeoplePix Pro provides companies with a proven system to hire skilled employees aligned with their company’s core values.

The PeoplePix Pro system eliminates guesswork and “gut” hiring decisions with a methodology that incorporates:

  • Behavioral Based Interviews (that make sense)
  • Values-Based Interviewing (a win-win approach)
  • Validated Interview Questions (digging for the truth)
  • Peer Interviewing/Team Hiring (consensus based, credible hiring)
  • Online Behavioral Based Interview Training (teach your team to be compassionate and skilled interviewers)

PeoplePix Pro is built to deliver:

  1. Hiring Success. Hire for Skills, Experience and Values
  2. Fairness and Consistency. Consistent and legally compliant interview process.
  3. Collaborative Hiring Process. An interview process that is inclusive of internal stakeholders for better hiring decisions.

Companies using PeoplePix have experienced higher levels of customer satisfaction, employee engagement and performance. When you combine the power of a Values Blueprint with the PeoplePix system, you will attract and hire employees who will support and live your values, leading to great business results.

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Build a Top Performing Organization!

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