About CultureWise – Our Purpose

Build a Better Workplace, Build a Better World!

CultureWise is a workplace culture consulting practice.

We work with organizations that value their employees and want to:

  • Build a great workplace culture
  • Be socially responsible
  • Achieve higher performance levels and
  • Better bottom-line results

To accomplish this, we offer comprehensive or individual programs to build and enhance your workplace culture, hire skilled employees with a values match, manage employee engagement and design meaningful social responsibility programs. Programs are customized to your workplace and can be measured against key performance indicators.

Culture Wise Value System

CultureWise Values

Collaborate with others
Practice Kindness
Keep Learning
Be Reliable
Deliver Quality

Culture Wise Founder - Mary Hall

Mary Hall, CultureWise founder and business professional committed to building positive workplace cultures. With over 25 years of hands-on business experience as the co-founder of a national credit counseling organization, Mary’s leadership contributed to building an organization of 500 employees and over 60,000 clients. Her CPA experience and Masters in Nonprofit Management offers a unique blend of “head and heart” in her practice.

With a strong background in Call-Center Operations, Human Resources, ISO Quality, Culture Development and all around organizational management, Mary has a broad business perspective, along with 15 years of nonprofit board service, including eight years with the Better Business Bureau and as a 2014 judge for the Most Admired Companies in Arizona.

Mary has 25 years of experience in family based business dynamics, board oversight and experience in building an award winning workplace culture. Mary led their organization to four Best Places to Work awards, three BBB Business Ethics awards and two Presidential Points of Light awards for Volunteer Service.

As a PeopleInk Certified PeoplePro Pro Facilitator, Mary combines the patent-pending ValuesBlueprint and PeoplePix system with workplace engagement programs and social responsibility to build better workplaces and a better world.

Why did you create CultureWise:
Out of all my professional experiences, I am most proud of leading a team of professionals that built a great workplace culture that people loved. When you have a great culture, employees enjoy their jobs, they can be themselves, they take pride in their company and they work together to deliver the best results possible. Unfortunately, not enough companies have a truly great culture nor do they treat employees like their “number one asset.” I started CultureWise because I want to partner with companies and help them build a better workplace culture that will attract the best employees, drive performance and deliver better bottom-line results.

How did you build a great workplace culture?
Building a great culture is not a solo act. I worked with a team of professionals who were committed to building a great culture, which was important because culture begins with a commitment from top leadership. We practiced a “people first” philosophy in program design and policy development. Culture was a strategic initiative and it was managed like other business initiatives. We invested our hearts and resources into creating a culture that was innovative, high performing and fun. As a result, the company became an industry leader, we outperformed our competitors and we were very profitable. The company was recognized as a four-time award-winning Best Place to Work, a three time BBB Ethics Awards winner and twice awarded the Presidential Points of Light for Volunteerism Award. Co-workers still comment that it was the best company culture they ever worked in, and that’s a legacy to be proud of.

What is your background and how did it influence your commitment to workplace culture?
I’ve been working since I was fifteen years of age and I’ve been both the employee and the employer. I know what it feels like to work in good culture and a bad culture. I have first hand experience as the co-founder of a family-based national nonprofit that grew from five to five hundred employees and became an industry leader. The business operated in a call-center service delivery model and we learned that workplace culture makes a huge difference in employee engagement, client service and performance levels. My CPA background and a Masters in Nonprofit Management have served me well in business and in my role as a Chief Operating Officer. Eight years of service on the BBB Board of Directors reinforced my commitment to ethics in the workplace and fair treatment of all stakeholders. My association with Conscious Capitalism and various nonprofits continues to reinforce my commitment to building better workplaces that lead to a better world.

Anything else?
Yes, as a Certified Pro-Facilitator of PeopleInkPro ™ systems, I am excited to introduce companies to a program that offers a process to design their own values based culture along with a system to hire skilled employees with a values match. These programs have been used by companies such as Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, United Way, AT&T and Double Tree Hotels, with amazing results. PeopleInkPro™ programs are now available for small to mid-size companies and have been producing great results. I am thrilled to combine my professional background with the PeopleInkPro™ systems in support of the CultureWise mission.