Build your Values Based Culture with Values Blueprint Pro™

Define Your Core Values…

A Values Blueprint is the foundation for establishing an organizational culture driven by its values.

The formula:

Leaders drive values, values drive behavior, behavior drives culture and culture drives performance.

Company Values are meaningless unless they are integrated into the day-to-day operations and upheld in people’s behavior. With an activated Values Blueprint, your company will enjoy the benefits of a culture by plan, rather than an accidental culture by chance.

A Certified Pro-Facilitator will guide your team of key stakeholders through a cooperative two-day Values Blueprint Work Session. Together, you will create and build your workplace culture with the proven, how-to essentials that matter most. In the process your team will:

  • Assess your current company culture.
  • Clarify and define your culture’s “future state.”
  • Create a Values Blueprint to drive behaviors.
  • Implement your blueprint throughout your company.

The final outcome is a defined set of 5-7 core values along with specific behavioral anchors. In addition, your session includes a values communication strategy and integration of values into the day-to-day operations of your company.

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Create Your Value Based Culture