Employee Engagement

Increase Performance Levels…

Create a Satisfying CareerThere’s a lot of talk about Employee Engagement these days, and with good reason, there’s not enough of it. How often do your friends, family, and colleagues praise the company they work for? Not very often? To be specific, according to a 2014 Gallup report:

  • 31% of employees are engaged – they’re the committed ones who work with enthusiasm and give the extra effort.
  • 51.0% are not engaged – just putting in time for money.
  • 18% are actively disengaged – spread negativity, deliver poor customer service and drain your resources.

Multiple engagement studies reveal that higher levels of engagement result in higher performance levels, profits and shareholder returns. Higher levels of engagement lead to higher rates of retention, lower absenteeism, fewer safety incidents and less shrinkage. It all adds up to better bottom-line results. Financial results aside, it’s great to work in a company full of engaged people who work hard, support one another and take pride in their company.

Are your employees engaged? Are you recruiting and retaining the best employees? Are you meeting performance goals? If you answered no to these questions, it’s probably time to consider how an employee engagement plan works as a key business driver.

CultureWise will help you assess and improve your company’s level of engagement by identifying gaps against best practices. Together, we will identify your unique engagement drivers and create an action plan for improvement and sustainability. With a plan and a commitment from senior management, your company can meet its goals and become an award winning “Employer of Choice.”