Building a Great Culture

From Start to Finish…

Values Blueprint

A strategically designed culture can be inspiring, innovative, fun and drive behaviors that lead to engagement and high performance levels. Organizations post their values on the wall, but do they actually live their values, most do not. With the patent-pending Values Blueprint system, we work with you to design a customized Values Blueprint™ that defines and drives the behaviors you want to see. Learn more >>

Values-based Hiring System

With your Values Blueprint™ in hand, you’ll want to consistently hire skilled people that fit your company values. Yes, one bad apple can spoil the pot, so why leave hiring to chance. CultureWise is excited to introduce PeoplePix™, a hiring system that enables your company to develop customized interview guides, manage the interview process and hire the best candidates for your company. This system ensures that you get the right people on the bus! Learn more >>

Great Cultures Manage Employee Engagement

You’ve built a great culture, congratulations! This accomplishment is praiseworthy and part of your brand. Now, how do you maintain your culture day-to-day and during times of growth or decline?

Maintaining a focus on your culture is critical in retaining your best employees and achieving strong performance levels. Like other business strategies, you need a plan, a system and a commitment. Research demonstrates that companies with high employee engagement scores outperform their competitors. Learn how to manage your culture and achieve higher levels of engagement that result in employee loyalty and better bottom-line results. Become an award winning “Employer of Choice” and attract and retain the best employees possible. Learn More >>

Great Cultures Support Philanthropy and Volunteerism

Described as “The New Employee Engagement,” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is emerging as a critical component of an engaged-culture. Today’s employees are seeking purpose in their lives and in their place of employment, especially Millennials. In a survey by the nonprofit Net Impact, 53 percent of workers said that “a job where I can make an impact” was important to their happiness, and 72 percent of students about to enter the workforce agreed. Most would even take a pay cut to achieve that goal.

Accordingly, conscious companies now incorporate CSR into their business philosophy and practices. CultureWise can help you customize a philanthropic and volunteer based CSR program that will support your organizational goals and match your values. Learn More >>